V's Vault of Vonders

Welcome to V's Vault of Vonders!

Many things are hidden away on this site. Some are linked, others are not. Depending on what you are looking for, you will have to find it yourself. To be honest, this intro text is more about getting an idea about how my design and formatting will look on this page than anything else. I hope it looks fine, if not I'll redo it some time later.

Now, to me it does actually look fine right now. Unusual, yes, but fine. Just sayin'.


No, I'm not getting mad at you, just kidding. Instead, check back later, I'll have put a form on this site where you can submit criticism and ideas for improvement, which I will be reading (And maybe implementing, depending on what you suggested/said).

If it doesn't look fine however, that is currently okay, until I've put in aforementioned form!

But enough of this preface! Now, one of the things you might have noticed or might not have noticed is your IP displaying a little bit further down in a nize cozy section of its own.

So without further ado, your IP is:

In case you want to tell me you were here. Entirely your choice though.